Navapashanam is concentrated High Cosmic Energy– a Highly sought-after phenomenon for achieving good health, good energy & life-force, wealth, relationship and abundance.

Navapashanam Maalai

Navapashanam rosary is a combination of 108 beads that form the luckiest rosary in the world. This rosary is the most powerful rosary in the world without any match.

Navapashanam Bracelet

Navapashanam construction of 9 divine gems mentioned in Goraksha Samhita (pink rhinestone, lajvart, ruby, pearl, green stone, nilpana gemstone, rare sulfur copper rhinestone and organic copper bhasma) together with the sacrament of purdah and mixing with the juice of divine herbs is done

Navapashanam Ligam

According to legends and the temple scriptures of Palani temple, Bogar crafted the murti of Murugan at the hill temple in Palani by mixing nine poisonous substances (Navapashanam) using a unique procedure.

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