Semi Precious Stones‚Äč

Semi-precious stones are minerals valued for beauty, not rarity, like amethyst, citrine, and turquoise.

Amethyst Tested With Light

Amethyst reacts to light tests, revealing unique hues and transparency variations, a common practice in gemstone assessment.

Black Tourmaline With Light Tested

Black tourmaline often shows no light transmission, indicating its opaque nature in contrast to transparent gemstones.

Garnet With Light

Garnet exhibits varying colors and transparency under light, showcasing its unique beauty in gemstone illumination tests.

Aquamarine with light

Aquamarine dazzles with a pale blue glow when exposed to light, highlighting its stunning transparency and captivating gemstone characteristics.

Kyanite with light

Kyanite displays a vibrant blue hue and unique pleochroism when illuminated, enhancing its allure in light tests for gemstone evaluation.

lapiz lazule

Lapis Lazuli: Deep blue, golden pyrite flecks, prized for centuries in art and jewelry.

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